Home Renovations

Properties, both young and old, require maintenance and upkeep. We can help with your home renovations including dated construction such as roofs, siding, windows, decking and more. Clear Valley is there to renovate soon to fail construction before it becomes a major issue that causes severe damage that could require insurance claims and other headaches.

Clear Valley is not a handyman service. We specialize in roof repair and structural repair. For example, we would replace a patio door with a rotted frame, redo the siding, replace rotted or decaying wood, and more. We also offer window and door replacement, and repair aged barns. Anything foundational, we can fix. We can even replace concrete, sidewalks and other masonry.

Clear Valley can assist you with mold issues, flood damage, fire damage and even simple failure due to aging construction. We’ve fixed it all, and we mean it.

Contact us to schedule a site visit or to request a quote before problems become major issues.