Clear Vally Construction FAQ

Below are common Clear Valley Construction FAQ regarding home remodeling, home renovations and home additions.

Question:  What is Clear Valley Construction’s schedule for home remodeling, home renovation or home addition projects?

Answer:  Our schedules are based on more than a start and end dates. As a homeowner we feel that it is critical for you to have an outline of tasks and timing to keep a full open line of communication between you, the homeowner and our team. Once your home remodeling, home renovation or home addition is scheduled your outline tells you what days and times our team members will be on site. 

Question:  How will Clear Valley Construction communicate project details with me?

Answer:  Depending on the home remodeling, home renovation or home addition project size and the amount of on site work that will need to be completed will determine the amount and range of communication methods that will be used. Rest assured that clear communication is our top priority when working on your project. Daily emails outlining the work being completed and progress are standard as well as consistent touch point calls with our Area Client Relations Manager. We always welcome homeowners to stop into our office at any time as well!

Question:  How do I reach a team member of Clear Valley Construction after hours or in an emergency?

Answer:  During your agreement signing you, the homeowner, will receive a list of after hour contacts that can be reached at anytime during your home remodel, home renovation or home addition for major concerns and emergencies. Regardless of the situation we always encourage homeowners to put everything into an email or a written form to ensure we have accurate information to include in their project file