Clear Vally Construction Team

Shantelle Essley – Operations Manager

Years with Clear Valley: 4+

Education: Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Cardinal Stritch University

Role in Clear Valley Construction: Follow up on leads, work with subcontractors to inform them of job assignments, follow up with subcontractors regarding job expectations, write contracts and agreements, follow up on legal liabilities, order materials, track inventory, and outline job schedules

Key to success: Being organized and following through on action items and goals.

Clay Pitcher – Owner/Operator

Years with Clear Valley: 16+

Background and experience: Clay got into the home construction business when he started flipping houses at 18 years old and home remodeling became a passion. He loves home renovations and solving problems. Today, he is a general contractor, but he doesn’t have a problem jumping in and strapping on his tool belt. He is still very active on job sites.

Role in Clear Valley Construction: Leader and knowledge behind best practices to be done on projects, follow up with client questions and concerns, follow up with job site inspections, pulling permits. Focuses on expanding the home construction business through client referrals.

Key to success: Finding the right people to put in the right places so projects are done right the first time.

David O. Smith – Client Relations Manager

Years with Clear Valley: 1

Background and experience: In 1992, Dave started work as a sales leader for a window manufacturer out of Minnesota. He worked there for four years and moved to Wisconsin Rapids, WI in 1996 where he then worked for a window and siding company that he later purchased. He retired from his own business in 2012 and eventually found his way to Clear Valley Construction. Dave’s passion is windows and siding in addition to working with customers.

Role in Clear Valley Construction: Dave works with clients on a daily basis to ensure projects are meeting expectations. He is the face of the company in the eyes of the client, and his product knowledge is unprecedented. He handles client follow-ups and meets with clients face-to-face to make sure they know and understand what the quality of services they are receiving when working with us.

Key to success: Knowledge and surrounding himself with successful people to learn as much as possible from them in hopes to pass that along to others.

Company History

Clay Pitcher began flipping houses when he was 18 and had a passion for solving issues with home renovations. He opened Clear Valley Construction in 2000 when he realized he could not only thrive but prosper while doing what he loves most.

He worked with a team of 15 employees and received all of his work through word of mouth until recently expanding the company’s marketing initiatives.

He built his own home in which Clear Valley Construction resided until he sold the home and expanded his business by opening New Beginnings Homes, LLC a division of Clear Valley Construction, LLC, in his new office space located at 3078 Village Park Drive, Plover, WI, 54467.

Clear Valley Construction prides itself on quality work and quality products. Contact us to learn more today.